04 September 2009

Revodance Inverted

Done By Haiku(tm)


RevoDance hoodie D2.
available only in white.
high quality material.
$90 per piece(includes shipping).
release date: not confirmed yet.
10% discount for crew member.

29 Ogos 2009

new design's

Revodance tee V2.
Only be releasing 20 pieces.
$60 per piece(includes shipping).
Available in S,M,L,XL.
Colour: White
Order now while stocks last.
High Quality material

Revodance Hoodie D1. High Quality Material Only gonna be released once. $80 per piece(includes shipping) New with Tags. Releasing date is at 31 October. Only going to take 12 pieces for booking. contact Haiku for more info

Revolution Of Breakdance v.1 Tee

25 Ogos 2009

New Logo



22 Ogos 2009

song list

1)Stronger-Kanye West
2)All That Jazz-JabbAwocKeeZ
4)Jabbawockeez audition beat
5)Ice Box-Jabbawockeez
6)Lean With It Rock With It- Jabbawockeez
7)Pretty Young Thing- Jabbawockeez
8)The Red Pill- Jabbawockeez
9)Thriller-Kaba Modern
10)Boom Boom Pow- Black Eyed Peas
11)We came here to party-Kanye west
12)Dangerous(special mix)-Michael Jackson
13)The Way You Make Me Feel- Michael Jackson
14)Jabbawockeez Step Up 2 mix
15)Jabbawockeez Evolution Of HipHop

20 Ogos 2009

How To Use The ShoutMix Chat Widget!

ok....some of you didn't know how to use the shoutmix....this is how you use it:-
1)Fill out your info
Name: <put your nickname here>
Website: <put the link of your blog or your website here/do not put your email!!!!>
Message: <write down your messages here>

2) Then HIT the [SHOUT!] button.

The reason why im doing this:

some of you people are too stupid and put their email on the [WEBSITE] button....and i mean you,Nash!
peace out!


Revolution Of Breakdance v.3
(Turntable Grafitti)
Created by Haiku Shizune Rainbow

29 Julai 2009

New Logo!

version 2.0
Version 3.0

New logo! Done By Haiku!!!

Tell me which one is better!!!!
Vote on the poll!

thats all...see ya!

28 Julai 2009

Tribute to Michael Jackson(1958-2009)

Rest In Peace
Michael Joseph Jackson
29th August 1958-25th June 2009

1st post!

Hey ROB fan wassup????

This is our first post for our site hope you're gonna enjoy your stay at ROB official site....
I try to keep things updated for once a week for our latest enjoy!

So our version 1 logo is done!]
Check it out!

Rasta version one

Nice eh???

well Im outtie....but wait...i know its kinda late but I wanna Thank the man who inspires us all to dance...

Michael Joseph Jackson

ok thats all....see ya!