29 Julai 2009

New Logo!

version 2.0
Version 3.0

New logo! Done By Haiku!!!

Tell me which one is better!!!!
Vote on the poll!

thats all...see ya!

28 Julai 2009

Tribute to Michael Jackson(1958-2009)

Rest In Peace
Michael Joseph Jackson
29th August 1958-25th June 2009

1st post!

Hey ROB fan wassup????

This is our first post for our site hope you're gonna enjoy your stay at ROB official site....
I try to keep things updated for once a week for our latest enjoy!

So our version 1 logo is done!]
Check it out!

Rasta version one

Nice eh???

well Im outtie....but wait...i know its kinda late but I wanna Thank the man who inspires us all to dance...

Michael Joseph Jackson

ok thats all....see ya!